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Photos of Favorite Places

In 1984 my younger brother Carl died. The following year my favorite cousin Charlie died on the Fourth of July, my brother's birthday.
I decided that I would fulfill a dream the three of us had and I would travel to as much of the western part of the United States as I could, taking in the land of the cowboy and visiting the natural wonders of the area.
Patty and I traveled from 1985 to 1995, marveling at our nation's natural beauty. I fell in love with the solitude of the desert southwest, and I could go for some New Mexican cuisine right now.
Many times Patty and I would be the only human beings for miles around; it was such a respite from our hectic jobs back in New Jersey.
I would love to get in my car someday-gas prices permitting- and go back to all of the amazing places we have visited.
Here is a photo of me standing on a cliff high above the Malpais plain in northwest New Mexico.
We listened to the sounds of silence for a good part of the morning.
The only noise came from the flapping of the birds flying overhead.

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