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Best Teachers

I think we should honor those souls who affected our lives the most during our tenure at Gateway.
For me it was The Big Three.

Mr. George W. Stoll- Junior and Senior English
He opened my eyes to the world of literature. I hated poetry until I took his classes. He convinced me that my interest in theatre was something valid. I learned to write because of him. I learned so well that I passed the English placement test at Rutgers, and I didn't have to take English Composition my first semester. He encouraged us all to think and he made us earn our grades. Mr. Stoll is the finest teacher I've ever known.

Mr. Lee Hartman- World History and European History
Mr. Hartman encouraged our opinions. We were free to think outside the textbooks, and classroom discussions went far beyond the official curriculum. He was knowledgeable and a real down-to-earth guy.
A real nice person and a teacher you respected.

Mr. Phillip Hughes- Sociology/Psychology and Economics
Mr. Hughes taught us that school could be fun. He was a mentor and interested in trying to prepare you for the "real" world. He gave us practical economic advice, and a reason to laugh at the world. He told us the only "ISM" to fear is cynicism. He gave us a break from the seriousness of it all.

These are my top three. Who are yours?