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Summer of '71 Chapter 09

We found a lake that had a relatively flat beach area, and a level enough spot to park our cars. The lake was pretty big, and the opposite shore from us rose up in a steep incline. The volley ball net was set up, the grill was ready to be fired up, and some of us were thinking about testing the waters of the lake.
The water was clear, with that tint of cedar so common here in South Jersey.

As we were playing volleyball, I kept noticing something bobbing up and down in the water way out past the middle of the lake, somewhat closer to the farther bank.

"I wonder what that is?" I said to myself.

I asked Sherri Ehlers if she could make it out.

She wasn't too sure what it was either.

"It looks like the end of a log with moss on it, doesn't it, Jim?" she asked.

"Yeah", I replied, " It does look like something with moss on it."

We went back to volleyball and cooking dogs on the grill, and sunning ourselves on the beach.

But we couldn't stop wondering what it was; that thing floating out on the water.

Finally my curiosity got the better of me.

"I'm gonna swim out there and see what it is," I announced, and I slowly made my way out to the middle of the lake, on a warm summer's day in June.