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Summer of '71 Chapter 15

Usually you don't have much to say to your parents when they ask you how your day has been.
Of course my mother didn't believe me at first when I told her I found a dead body floating in the lake we went to swim in. She had been just as perplexed about us all going there as the police had been. What's the big deal, anyway? If we had all decided to go down the shore for the day nobody would have questioned that now, would they?
Anyhow, Mom realized everything I told her was true when later on in the evening I started getting phone calls from different newspapers wanting to know all the details. They also couldn't understand why a bunch of teenagers from Gloucester County wanted to go to a sand wash in Cumberland County. No one understood mobility in those days, I guess.
The full details took a few days to come out in the paper.
The first story said the police were investigating a murder, and the victim had been identified as a 20 year old male resident of Vineland.
The how and the why hadn't been found out yet.
A few days later it would all come out.