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Summer of '71 Chapter 18

Michael. That was his name, the name of the young man who convinced himself that he needed to die a violent death in order to serve Satan and command a legion of demons. He not only convinced himself, he managed to talk his two friends into tying him up and throwing him into a lake, and then walk away from it like nothing happened.
So I had found the body of a Satan worshiper who wished to die a violent death.
He died a violent death with the help of his friends.
Think about it.
Think real hard.
What would you have said to one of your friends if they asked you to help them die? To tie them up so they could drown, so they could command a legion of demons.
Michael must have been very persuasive indeed, because his friends did it and they walked away.
Did they talk about it on the way home, or were they silent and lost in private thoughts?
Or did they talk about what was on TV or what movie they were going to see, or did they think about what they were going to spend the money on that Michael offered them for helping him out?
What about Michael? Was he struggling as the water went over his head and began to fill his lungs?
Did he hope that his friends were having second thoughts and were rushing back to save him?
Think about it.
Think real hard.
Michael’s friends did what he asked, they did him a favor, and then they went home, and Michael drowned.
Michael got his wish and died a violent death on a moon-lit night in June.
Very persuasive indeed.