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1897 Downer School Photograph



Downer, Gloucester, New Jersey, USA

Photo of Downer School House, 1897 Ruth A. Gibe (Gehring) contributed the Downer School House photo. The school was built in 1871 and was used as a church until the Downer Methodist Episcopal Church was built. The top row, l-r, is: (1) Elsie Gant, (2) Helen Young, (3) Hattie Flexon, (4) Laura Thomas, (5) Mark Armstrong, (6) George Metz, (7) Sammie Thomas, (8) Russel Downer, (9) Henry Flexon, (10) Josephine Downer, and (11) Reba Garvin. The second row from top, l-r, is: (12) Ethel Downer, (13) Sara Huntsinger, (14) Lettie Young, (15) Romal Thomas, (16) Clara Flexon, (17) Mamie Langly, (18) Amanda Flexon, and (19) Arthur Downer. The third row, l-r, is: (20) Albertha Thomas, (21) Bertha Flexon, (22) (unknown first name) Stevenson, (23) Maggie Thomas, (24) Annie Thomas, (25) Mrs. Harriet Strang (Mullica Hill), (26) (unknown first name) Stevenson, (27) Abbie Carvin, (28) Maggie Steward, and (29) Esther Steward. The bottom, fourth row, l-r, (30) Roy Thomas, (31) Wille Downer, (32) Walter Huntsinger, (33) Eddy Thomas, and (34) (Willie or Roy) Thomas.

Ann Thomas is on the chair and her cousin Romal Thomas is seated on a stool or on the floor.