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year of graduation from Gateway

1897 Downer School Photograph



Downer, Gloucester, New Jersey, USA


A Downer, NJ postmark

Most Gateway students might not be interested, but I was interested because a grandfather of mine had family living in Downer, NJ at one time. As far as I can determine the Post Office there closed in 1936. Click on the second link below for a higher resolution image. When this postcard was offered on eBay the seller read the postmark as 1910, but I see Dec 17, 1930 -- and US census records show Oscar Walter Huntsinger with mother, wife Emma, and niece Viola living in Downer in 1930. Viola would not have been born yet in 1910. You can click on the relevant census page link below.


Is This Any Way to Run An Airline?

You bet it is!

You can have an account by contacting me.

You'll have the power to add anything that your typing fingers can produce and some photos, too.


1894 January Skating Tragedy on Otsego Lake

The Morris Chronicle on Jan 24, 1894 ran this account of that horrible weekend. The skaters were not all three together. The brothers were together. The other boy was skating with a friend on another part of the lake.


Steam bent farm tool

Please help us out by telling us what this is. It looks like a second hoop my be missing.

Send name and/or use of this tool to

Many thanks!


The Hypercycle - My First Recumbent Bicycle

On the Hypercycle in the Delhi Great American parking lot on a rainy day during a 4H Shankitunk bike trip.

Milt Turner was the builder of the Hypercycle frame --


Downer Sand Mine and Railroad

Mining sand in Downer. Looks like it was a shovel and wheel barrow operation at the time of this photograph. Date of photograph is unknown but seller on eBay said it was when the tracks were owned by the Atlantic City RR. The Atlantic City RR was formed in 1889 from a number of other railroads. A copy of the Wikipedia article on the Atlantic City RR is attached below.


The Quaternary Formations of Southern New Jersey BY ROLLIN D. SALISBURY AND GEORGE N. KNAPP

The Quaternary Formations
of Southern New Jersey


Vol. VIII of the Final Report Series of the
State Geologist

MacCrellish & Quiqey Co., State Printers.

Ever wonder what geologists call the various layers of sand and gravel beneath our feet in South Jersey?

This book will explain them and even offers some photos and diagrams.

Use the link below to view or download the book -- for now -- get up to speed on the word Quaternary.


Inversand Marl Pit

Lots of folks went fossil hunting at this marl pit in Sewell, NJ -- between Wenonah and Pitman.

Donald Gant of Franklinville and Francis Rule of Glassboro were among them.


Horace and John VanLeer

VanLeer, a family on my maternal grandmother's side included

Horace VanLeer


John H. VanLeer

They were both featured with line drawings in the following book

Biographical, Genealogical and Descriptive History of the First Congressional District of New Jersey:
Illustrated ...
published by Lewis, 1900 - Camden County (N.J.)

-- which can be viewed on line or downloaded for free from


Charles and Mary Purdy

Family Treasures Found -- trying to get photos and clippings of Purdy family back to a blood relative.


Class of 1971 - Gary Condell

A few pages featuring Gary Condell from the 1971 Profile, our yearbook.

Click on the links to view the pages.


MFD Placemat 2019

The PDFs attached below will print placemats that are 11 x 17 inches.

There was a request for more white space on the placemat.

The PDFs should be downloaded from the list below for printing -- they will be better quality than the preview images above.


4 Collingswood young women read The Courier Post in Ocean City, 1950

Looking through some old photos from South Jersey. Wouldn't the girls in the photo or their descendants like to see this photo?

It is #41 on this site


Charles. A. Richmire

Information about C. A. Richmire

A paragraph in this book on page 412.

The page is shown below.

Click links below.

In the yearbook of the Allegheny College, The Kaldron -- he is listed on page 22.

You can see his career tracked in The Campus issues linked below.


Whitcomb Family

Attached PDF files.

Page 3 of The Morris Chronicle, published in Morris, New York on Wednesday, May 15th, 1901 includes obituary of Angeline Whitcomb Holliday -- daughter of David Whitcomb. Angeline was a sister of Mrs. L. P. Carpenter -- owner and publisher of The Morris Chronicle.

Page 3 of The Morris Chronicle, published in Morris, New York on Wednesday, August 24th, 1881 -- mentions Julina Whitcomb

The Morris Chronicle, Page3, 1890-01-08-Zula-Whitcomb-and-others

The Morris Chronicle, Page3, 1898-11-23-Henry-Whitcomb-2-mentions

A Whitcomb Family reunion!!!


1956 Hansen-Valentine Wedding

Attached is a PDF of a Cooperstown newspaper about a neighbor's wedding -- now over 60 years ago.

Part of a page from their yearbook at high school is attached, too.


Somerville Life Stories

Gary Somerville ancestors.

Check attached files.



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