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A little info on the ancestors of Bob Thomas in Gloucester County - Ganttown Rd - near Turnersville, NJ

Recently I have taken an interest in Genealogy - fortunately some of my relatives have also. One of them used her/our family history in writing her master's thesis. Her name is Karen Lynn (Gant) Heiser. She is a graduate of and an employee of Rowan University. She grew up in Glassboro, NJ.

You can click on the link to download the Word Doc that she created. I recommend downloading the link and then opening the file. Enjoy!

Gant Genealogy

Photos of Favorite Places - Beaver River, NY

Do you have a favorite place that you have visited a number of times over the years?

Why not add a story to the site about a place that you would like us to know about.

What Do You Mean by the Site Name GatewayFirstFourYears.com

A visitor to the site wrote:

My wife wants to know the meaning of the site name. Do you mean the first four graduating classes? School opened in '64 so she's confused and will make my life a living hell unless I get an answer.

My answer is:

Two Short Videos of the Class of 1970 Reunion - 7/5/2008

Sometimes people have more luck watching a video after it has been converted to youtube's format.

Woodbury Heights on the stairs

Wenonah on the stairs - video from the stairs - I am trying to say "at a Press Conference"

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