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year of graduation from Gateway

A Downer, NJ postmark

Most Gateway students might not be interested, but I was interested because a grandfather of mine had family living in Downer, NJ at one time. As far as I can determine the Post Office there closed in 1936. Click on the second link below for a higher resolution image. When this postcard was offered on eBay the seller read the postmark as 1910, but I see Dec 17, 1930 -- and US census records show Oscar Walter Huntsinger with mother, wife Emma, and niece Viola living in Downer in 1930. Viola would not have been born yet in 1910. You can click on the relevant census page link below.


Charles. A. Richmire

Information about C. A. Richmire

A paragraph in this book on page 412.

The page is shown below.

Click links below.

In the yearbook of the Allegheny College, The Kaldron -- he is listed on page 22.

You can see his career tracked in The Campus issues linked below.


Whitcomb Family

Attached PDF files.

Page 3 of The Morris Chronicle, published in Morris, New York on Wednesday, May 15th, 1901 includes obituary of Angeline Whitcomb Holliday -- daughter of David Whitcomb. Angeline was a sister of Mrs. L. P. Carpenter -- owner and publisher of The Morris Chronicle.

Page 3 of The Morris Chronicle, published in Morris, New York on Wednesday, August 24th, 1881 -- mentions Julina Whitcomb

The Morris Chronicle, Page3, 1890-01-08-Zula-Whitcomb-and-others

The Morris Chronicle, Page3, 1898-11-23-Henry-Whitcomb-2-mentions

A Whitcomb Family reunion!!!


1956 Hansen-Valentine Wedding

Attached is a PDF of a Cooperstown newspaper about a neighbor's wedding -- now over 60 years ago.

Part of a page from their yearbook at high school is attached, too.


Somerville Life Stories

Gary Somerville ancestors.

Check attached files.


Bill Coene -- same as William George Coene

On a FaceBook group that tries to unite old photos with the correct families I saw this photo of a flight crew taken at a training base.

The contributor Cheri Hobbs Leonard wrote in the group Family Treasures Found :

Photo 1 of 2 taken Herington Army Airfield, Herington KS. Photo 2 identifies the airmen. It is likely that at least one of these men was from Massachusetts as the annotation is in my Mother's writing and the photo was among her possessions.



Owners Manual


4-H Camp Shankitunk, Delhi, NY, Summer of 1979

Some of these photos can be put side by side to form a panoramic view of the main field at the 4-H camp most likely during a morning of camp staff training. See Pan-0 through Pan-6. Scroll down to see links to the photos.

Pan-0 Arts and Crafts Hall, Kitchen and sitters building, dining hall faintly in the fog.
Pan-1 Flag raising, Nurse's trailer
Pan-2 Bathrooms
Pan-3 Pavillion, one hoop, and the backstop
Pan-4 The backstop, 3 units in the woods, the other hoop
Pan-5 Tool shed, also used as bike shed and backpacking center, bikes with flags
Pan-6 A staff tent


1906 Atlantic City Train Wreck -- The Thoroughfare

Walter Clark Scott
(April 19, 1878 - October 28, 1906)

Stayed at his controls during the wreck.

Read more about the wreck at this link.


Ian MacMillan

Some neat attachments for you.

I will take this page down after you let me know that you got the files. There's realty tax mapping feature in the county that lets anyone search for landowners.

There's a 1963 page from his college yearbook there, too.

The obituary from The Trenton Times shows that Ian died in Princeton, NJ.

Short obituary for Susan Bates MacMillan -

Also land donated in memory of Susan Bates MacMillan and her father. --


Train at the Wenonah Station

Bought the photo below from

Images of front and part of the back shown below. Click on the links below to get the highest resolution of my scans of the photo.



Hi From Deb


Barnes -- King Families of Chenango County, New York

My wife's grandmother was Ethel May Barnes of Norwich, Chenango County, New York.

A book was compiled by R. C. (Raymond Curtis) Barnes about the families. He had the book printed in 1964. He once lived in Norwich, but joined the US Army and chose to live in San Antonio, Texas in his retirement.

I can't find it in print anywhere. I have scanned a copy that I got from a local historical society.

Here's the title page


Gant Flexon Thomas Genealogy and Ganttown Gant Genealogy

These are in PDF format.

Gant Flexon Thomas Genealogy by Kenneth Cooper Thomas, 1993

Ganttown Gant Genealogy by Karen Gant Heiser, 2003

The branch of the Thomas family descending from Alphonso Lyon Thomas, Sr. is outlined in the PDF below by Anna Frances Reistle Nicely in 2020.


Dr. William Yates and Judge Arthur Yates

Looking in


"William Yates" Sapperton -

I found the following about William Yates and his son Arthur on page 461

I will post a link below the image. The book is freely available -- you could download the PDF if you want to see more of it."


Why the Town of Morris should not allow high volume hydraulic slick water fracturing natural gas drilling.

I am Bob Thomas, a resident of the village of Morris and a Fire Commissioner for the Joint Town and Village of Morris Fire District.
I ask your indulgence for a moment before I get into the work of the Advocates for Morris.

I have a story about the skunks and the deer and about whales and apes.

Last spring as I was raking up the piles of sticks, stones, and leaves that accumulate where you pile the snow when you plow I turned up the lower foreleg of a deer. There was still some hair and hoof on it.


The will of William Stickney of Edmeston, Otsego County, New York, 1790 - 1854

These days I live in Morris, NY. I was trying to trace the land that my house is on back to the time that it was in the hands of the Oneida tribe of the Iroquois and come up with a list of owners from them to me.


Searching for information about my grandfather's grandfather, Samuel G. Thomas

Found some more information.

He was named Samuel G. Thomas. Through another person on I learned that I could request copies of vital records for people in New Jersey. By doing that I got a copy of the "Return Of Marriages" for Camden County for May, 1852. On May 10, 1852, Samuel G. Thomas's marriage on February 18, 1852 was recorded. You can see a scan of the photocopy that was sent to me by clicking on the link below.


John M. Higbie 1804-1887 of Exeter, Otsego County, New York

It was over a year ago that I learned about a web site named Find A Grave.

Now, at first blush, you might not think that Find A Grave is some place that you want to visit.

I mean, who wants to go looking for a grave? What plans do we have? Do we need to be searching for a grave today?

Find A Grave doesn't help you find a grave for yourself or your relatives.

Instead it helps you find the graves of your relatives or anyone else that you think you are interested in knowing more about it/



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