4-H Camp Shankitunk, Delhi, NY, Summer of 1979

Some of these photos can be put side by side to form a panoramic view of the main field at the 4-H camp most likely during a morning of camp staff training. See Pan-0 through Pan-6. Scroll down to see links to the photos.

Pan-0 Arts and Crafts Hall, Kitchen and sitters building, dining hall faintly in the fog.
Pan-1 Flag raising, Nurse's trailer
Pan-2 Bathrooms
Pan-3 Pavillion, one hoop, and the backstop
Pan-4 The backstop, 3 units in the woods, the other hoop
Pan-5 Tool shed, also used as bike shed and backpacking center, bikes with flags
Pan-6 A staff tent

Some other photos beyond the panorama. Looks like a photo was skipped, lost or given away of the old unit to the left of the pavillion.

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Pan-3-basketball-and-baseball-on-the-grass.jpg2.61 MB
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