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Jack Wiler's World

Jack Wiler attended Wenonah Public School from his first grade in 1958 until sixth grade. After Wenonah Public School he attended Gateway Regional from 7th grade until he graduated with the Class of 1970.

On October 20, 2009 at age 57 Jack passed away. He had been diagnosed with AIDS in 2002 and had a very tough struggle. He moved back to Wenonah during his recovery and saw Wenonah through the eyes of an adult.

You can hear a recording of Jack acting in a one man play based on his books at the following link on this site.

You can read more about Jack's life in a copy of an article that was posted about him on The editors on wikipedia later decided the article did not meet all their criteria and removed it. A copy of the article is preserved at the link below

Starting in 2007 he began sharing his observations in a blog named "Jack Wiler's World," which can be found at

A great number of people have read the blog and enjoyed it immensely. We are afraid that the blog might somehow be lost or removed from the web.

In order to prevent that from happening there will be copies of the blog available here.

The blog is available in a few formats in seven files.

First is a PDF of the full blog in chronological order with comments. Bob Thomas created that using a program that he found on the WWW.

Next are the three MS-Word docs of just the Wenonah oriented posts divided by the year of appearance. The posts appear in order from newest to oldest as they appeared on the blog. James Stewart created the MS-Word files and agreed to allow them to be posted here.

Finally the three MS-Word docs are offered again after conversion to PDF.