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Remember Your First Days Without Training Wheels?

On Saturday May 3rd, 2009, my grandson, Mason, asked to have his training wheels taken off his bike. His father, Aaron, being a really good father, broke away from the job he had started of getting the boat out of the barn and readying it for the new season.

Instead he got some tools and took off the training wheels. Then he steadied Mason as he tried to ride inside the barn. Mason didn't even fall once after Aaron let him go on his own. He was ready to ride. I wish I could have got a film clip of those first circles he made in the dim light of the old wooden barn - but I wasn't there and it just happened that way.

On Sunday May 4th, he came down to my house and showed me what he could do.

Oh the joy of bicycling! Take a few minutes, pump up your tires and go for a ride today. I know that I will!

Without training wheels from Bob Thomas on Vimeo.