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Photos of Favorite Places - Beaver River, NY

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Here's one of my favorite places. I have been out to this place perhaps five times over the past twenty years.Getting there is kind of tricky. The tiny hamlet of Beaver River, NY is not served by any roads. In the winter you can travel the eight or so miles from the road head by ski, snowshoe, or snowmobile to it. When the snow and ice are gone you can reach it by boat or by hiking. Beaver River is on the "far" end of the Stillwater Reservoir in the Adirondack Park, east of Lowville, NY.

Once you are in Beaver River you can head out on some trails that are closed to motorized vehicles. One trail leads you up to a ridge that drops down into narrow hollow with a series of beaver dams. The dams make a set of steps that go down the mountain side quite a ways.

If the day is almost perfect you will find sun and almost no wind down by the beaver dams.

Most of the time you will be the first group to leave any tracks in the area for most of the winter.

I took the photo below while on a cross country skiing outing near Beaver River in February, 2008. Click on the photo to see an enlarged version in a new browser window. Sometimes you can even click on that image for an even larger version. Close the new browser window to return here. (If you would like to do something similar on a page that you are making you can choose File - Reveal Codes - to see the exact words needed. You will have to attach your photo file and also change input format to "Full Html")

Surprisingly there is a lodge, The Norridgewock III out at Beaver River, run by the very friendly Thompson family. They can haul you in and out and provide you with a place to stay and feed you while you are there. Learn more about it using their site.