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Class of 1977 graduate

Robert Joseph Stewart, father of James, class of 1977, and Samuel Stewart

James Stewart graduated from Gateway with the class of 1977. He grew up on South Lincoln Avenue in Wenonah. His brother Sam attended Gateway for at least a year and then switched to Friends Select in Philadelphia. Recently James has been active on the the page "You Know That You Are From Wenonah If ........" Located at

In messages outside of James shared some details about his father's role as a pilot and group leader flying B-17s in the Normandy Invasion starting with D-Day. He also provided the photo below and the chart which shows the places that Mr. Stewart's bombing missions took him. There is an attachment at the bottom of this post that shows the bombing missions in sequence as an image in a powerpoint file.

Learn more about B-17s -

Robert Joseph Stewart, D-Day veteran

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